A Gift of Love and Support

Ellen Keith Ramsey

Mrs. Ellen Keith Ramsey

Along with the 23 founding families officially recognized by Mars Hill, several other individuals and families have stepped up during times of need and offered their support and best wishes to the institution. One of the more interesting stories of people believing in what Mars Hill University stands for is that of Mrs. Ellen Keith Ramsey. Mrs. Ramsey is the daughter of founder Reverend William Keith. Mars Hill recognizes Rev. Keith as the first benefactor of the institution after he left a bequest to the school in his will upon his death in 1853. Mrs. Ramsey possessed the same love and belief in Mars Hill that her father did. According to campus tradition, Mrs. Ramsey cashed in a $100 dollar gold piece that was part of her wedding dowry to pay off a debt that the college owed thus saving the school during its early years