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"There's Something About This Place": The Buildings of Mars Hill University

Explore our campus structures, both past and present, and learn the history behind each building that has stood on the grounds of Mars Hill University. This exhibit is being continuously updated.

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Mars Hill University Presidents, 1856-Present

Meet the twenty-two men who have held the office of President of Mars Hill College/University and helped shape the institution into what it is today.

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"They Builded Better Than They Knew:" The Founding of Mars Hill University

Examine the founding of Mars Hill University and learn about the men and women who made their dream a reality. 


The Beginning: The Early Years of Mars Hill University

Examine the early history of Mars Hill University from its beginnings as the French Broad Baptist Institute in 1856 up through the American Civil War.

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A History of the Mars Hill University Business Department

Explore an indepth history of Mars Hill University's Business Department and examine how the department has grown from its early days to become one of the largest majors on our campus today. Researched by Robert and Rachel Chapman, compiled by Patrick Cash